Fact or myth

Space Balls Fact or Myth?

Is that weird tidbit you heard science fact or science false? As part of scientific literacy, we want kids to ...
Kids doing an activity

Circuit Puzzle – FUNctional STEAM

This activity will be part of our book FUNctional STEAM: 25 Real World Activities for Problem-Solving Kids! We are bouncing-on-our-toes ...
Build a Mechanical Hand - STEAM Project

Build a Mechanical Hand – STEAM Project

Looking for an easy STEAM / STEM project for your kids with simple supplies? Well building this mechanical hand is ...
What is STEAM?  What makes a great STEAM project?

What is STEAM? What makes a great STEAM project?

Here I am as a wildlife biologist banding a juvenile owl During the Christmas of 2002, my sister opened a ...
Seed dissection - Activity

Seed dissection – Activity

One of the best ways to study seeds is to take them apart! So let's get started with that dissection ...
Super STEAM Dice

Super STEAM Dice

Download the Super STEAM Dice Warning: The content I am about to deliver can cause side effects of serious thinking ...
Easter Egg Rocket Race

Easter Egg Rocket Race

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and that means SUPER MEGA EASTER EGG ROCKET RACES!! And you have to say ...
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