Brain Builders STEAM Club


16 weeks of super STEAM thinking

Need some projects to liven up your kiddos?

We’re right there with you! COVID is a downer and we’re all working with homeschool, virtual class, or kids programs that have been canceled.

Let us help you easily add STEAM projects to your schedule.  You get the supplies and we’ll do the rest!

What IS the Brain Builders STEAM Club?

We want kids to THINK, build, and get hands-on!

Active kids with active minds need ACTIVE projects.  We’re going to get a little messy, a little chatty, and have a lot of fun!

Keep 'Em Thinking

With 16 different projects, we’ll be keeping those brains and hands busy! They may even spend hours on a project if they really get into it.

Give Your Kids Someone Else to Talk To

We’re happy to see your kiddos 450th LEGO creation and hear all about it! We have space for kids to show and tell us all about their projects and anything else they are creating.

Skills You Won't Get in a Classroom

We all know kids need “problem-solving skills” but where do they get those? Classrooms too often focus on facts but we’re getting our hands dirty and building those skills.

More STEAM, Less Work for You

You're busy - we TOTALLY get it! That's why we've designed the club to have video instruction from us and separate kid accounts so they can post questions, ask for help through problems, and can get the support they need from us on the website (with less pestering questions for you).

So relax! We've got you covered 😉

What Projects Are We Doing?

We've got 16 weeks of activities that will keep the kids asking for more.
Buy the 8 week sessions separately or get everything!

Session 1

Week 1 & 2

Week 3 & 4

Week 5 & 6

Week 7 & 8

Session 2

Week 1 & 2

Week 3 & 4

Week 5 & 6

Week 7 & 8

While we're having fun, we'll actually be learning these:
Testing, design improvement, creativity, understanding problems, brainstorming, observing, asking questions, isolating a variable, setting up a scientific experiment, and more!

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What Parents Have to Say About Our Projects

The Bio Dome project was a favorite! We learned new, amazing information and my kids loved getting to brainstorm ways to build their own Bio Domes! Finding fun, interactive learning opportunities can be difficult, but STEAMthinkers has given us new confidence to have fun learning at home!

Shannon H. - mother of 4


Just the right amount of interaction and timing for their attention spans 🙂. My kids were excited to get out the pennies this morning!

Michele V. - mother of 3


What You'll Find in the Club

Projects 1x a week

Keep those kiddos thinking with a new project every week.

Video class instruction

We'll get started with a 15 - 30 minute video with hands-on instruction for a piece of the project. Then the kids take it from there to make it their own!

Interact with your friends (safely)

A kids safe commenting area to share ideas, successes and failures, and get project feedback! Add videos, photos, or audio too (moderated before posting).

You get the supplies, we do the rest!

You don't need a degree to help your kids out with these projects. We take as much load off as we can and also provide you with material lists and extra helps.

Got Any More Questions?

We recommend this program for 2nd – 6th grade ages.  Lessons will be geared toward that learning level.  We’ve had younger and older ages join us but we will not necessarily be teaching to their level.

Nope!  We’ve created these activities to use general items that you will most likely already have at home.  Although, we do repurpose A LOT of stuff so you may want to start saving up now!  Toilet paper rolls, empty food containers, boxes, lids, etc.

Safety on our website is a top priority because you can’t have fun when you aren’t safe.  To see everything we are doing to keep the kiddos safe here, please visit our page What We’re Doing to Keep Kids Safe.

Even though kids will have their own accounts to sign-in, you will have access to all the materials, will be able to see all comments, etc.  So feel free to explore around!

Nope!  We’ve designed the class to use materials you might have at home or ones that can be found easily and inexpensively.  We also encourage the kids to use recyclable things like old plastic containers, lids, etc.

Here’s a list of some of the supplies we use: letter paper, vinegar, common baking supplies, candy, craft sticks, cardboard

That very much depends on your kiddos interest level and the type of project.

Folding a new style of paper airplane may only take a 1/2 hour or they could get it “just perfect” and spend hours folding and testing them.  Our daughters really loved creating board games and spent hours drawing and coloring boards and creating movable pieces.

Yes, kids will need a separate email address for a each child account.  We have an update coming soon that will hopefully allow us to add kid accounts with the same parent email.

If you family are gmail users, you can create a monitored kids email through Google Family Link.  Or you can check out this review from Very Well Family about kid friendly email providers ZillaMail, KidsEmail, and TocoMail.  As a disclaimer, we have not personally tried any of these services.

We’re no accessibility experts but we do try to build in accessibility features where we can.  Currently, Brain Builders includes these features:

  • all videos are human captioned
  • every lesson has a “Read to Me” button to hear an audio version of the text and directions

If you have any specific accessibility requests or questions, please let us know.

How It Works


You sign up for the club


Register your kids for an account


Do the projects on the suggested weekly schedule or at your own pace

Easy peasy right?  And if you have any questions, we’re always there to help.

Meet the Head Brains of this Operation

Isaac Ashby

Yuppers, this guy likes tacos!  He also likes teaching kids.

STEAM thinking is like breathing for Isaac.  He’s always tinkering, rigging things up, and trying things out with his 5 kids.  He is a former wildlife biologist, teacher, and now is your guide and lesson creator for the Brain Builders STEAM Club.

Stephanie Ashby

A fan of nerdy jokes and NOT being in front of the camera.

You won’t see her face in the video classes but Stephanie keeps all the wheels turning and the computer bugs at bay to keep STEAM Thinkers running.  She has a degree in Environmental Chemistry so she’s come by those nerdy jokes honestly and will be happy to share them with you (and help you with any other questions).

Register for the Brain Builders STEAM Club

That’s only about $5 or less per activity!

Session 1

Single 8 Week Session
$ 39 Additional kids $10/each
  • 1 Kids account
  • 1 adult account
  • 8 STEAM activities
  • Videos and 24/7 website access
  • Safe interaction with other kids
  • Opportunites to show off things created outside of class too!

Session 2

Single 8 Week Session
$ 39 Additional kids $10/each
  • 1 Kids account
  • 1 adult account
  • 8 STEAM activities
  • Videos and 24/7 website access
  • Safe interaction with other kids
  • Opportunites to show off things created outside of class too!

Get it All

Both Sessions - 16 weeks
$ 69 Additional kids $20/each
  • 1 Kids account
  • 1 adult account
  • 16 STEAM activities
  • Videos and 24/7 website access
  • Safe interaction with other kids
  • Opportunites to show off things created outside of class too!
Best Value

Feel like this class may go the way of those failed piano lessons?  Prorated refunds available in the first 2 weeks.

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