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Hey there!  We are so glad you are here for Backyard Summer Science.  To get started, you should watch our video below to get a walk through of the website.  So dive right in and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Newest Additions

design a monster

Design a Monster [Adaptations & Natural Selection]

Have you ever wanted to create a world and populate it with the most amazing animals your imagination could conjure up? Even the most die-hard video gamer can relate to fantastic creatures. Well here is the chance to get your kids creative juices flowing while teaching them AND getting them […]

h2o superhero

H2O: The Ultimate Superhero [The Water Cycle]

See him walk through walls!!  Watch in amazement as he grows bigger and disappears entirely! Water really is the ultimate superhero!  Without water, we couldn’t even exist.  Learn all about the water cycle as we discover water’s superpowers by Exploring water’s amazing abilities Performing water experiments Completing the Water Cycle […]

who stole the cake

Who Stole the Cake? [Forensic Science & Chemistry]

Crimes big and little happen every day.  But how do you solve them?  Maybe you find some clues but what then? Science to the rescue!!! Forensic science is of course based on… you guessed it SCIENCE.  So lets use a little of that chemical science to solve today’s mystery of […]

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Bonus Freebies

All these freebies are included in our free membership.  And since you are here for Backyard Summer Science, we’ve made them available to you too.  So they may not all be sciency but they’ll be fun!

animal attacks

Bear Attack! What Everyone Needs to Know to Stay Safe

Bear attacks are rare, extremely rare.  You are much more likely to die by a cow than a bear.  But how many people cower when confronted with a steak at a restaurant?  OK bad example.  But people fear bears, wolves, and mountain lions because of the sensational stories on the […]

DIY Tentacles & Tails Tutorial

Princesses and superheros. They are everywhere.  There is nothing wrong with the occasional princess and superhero but kids need some imaginative variety in their dressup closet.  So enters the Do-it-yourself tentacles and tails.   Supplies Pool noodles 3/4” PVC pipe Drill & drill bits Saw Knife Rope, string or cord […]

act like insect dice

Act Like an Insect – Action Dice

Flutter like a butterfly.  Buzz like a bee. Kids are endlessly fascinated so lets be a little more buggy!  This die is the perfect game for littles.  Play it with them or allow them to use the pictures to decide their own actions. *We suggest printing this on cardstock or […]

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Meet Isaac


I’m Isaac Ashby and I’m allergic to the indoors.

I’ve always loved to be outside as much as I can even if I had to sneak out to do it (sorry Mom)!  Now I want to help bring a little of that to you.  Getting outside doesn’t need to be a chore or an afterthought or dull as dishwater.  It’s easy if you are out doing something you enjoy.

I have a degree in Wildlife Science and have worked as a naturalist and teacher.  My specialty is the life science portion of the program and I can tell you anything about wildlife from teeth to poop.  Even if you don’t have any important poop questions, I’m here for those too.


Meet Stephanie


I’m Stephanie Ashby and I’m the “why” woman.

I like to know the nitty gritty details.  Why do strawberries turn red in the summertime?  Why are bubbles round?  Why are my paper airplanes always so terrible?  Luckily for me, science answers all of those questions.  And I love to share it with kids for all of their burning questions too.

I have a degree in Environmental Chemistry and have been tutoring in science for about forever.  My specialty is definitely the chemistry portion of the program but I’m happy to answer any of your other “why” questions. 


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