Candy Catapult Challenge

Candy Catapult Challenge

The days after Halloween are always filled with candy.  You eat all the good stuff and have a pile that ...
airplane obstacle course

Paper Airplane Obstacle Course

Set the kids to the task of charting an obstacle course for paper airplanes. Then they can each fold an ...
what makes rainbow activity and coloring page

What Makes a Rainbow? Challenge + Rainbow Coloring Page

If I told you that little bearded men dressed in green were guarding untold wealth under a bridge of refracted ...
bowerbird challenge

Bowerbird Challenge

Can you be as artistic as the Bowerbird? Take the challenge and build a nest as attractive as the Bowerbird ...
biomimicry solutions

Biomimicry Solutions – Challenge

Have you ever wondered why airplanes look so much like birds?→ NO? The laws of physics cause size, shape, and ...
secret cypher

Top Secret Cypher – Challenge

Secret codes just like this have been used for thousands of years and are still used everywhere today. Computer encryption ...
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