Solid Liquid Gas

Solid Liquid Gas

A classic kids game turned on its head to explore our favorite subject -- chemistry! ...

Old School Hopscotch

Take advantage of this old favorite to the mind going and get a little exercise!  This is not just a ...
Rock Hunting

Rock Hunting

Finding rocks is like a super treasure hunt because you don't know what you're going to find.  It is simple ...
rock identification key

Rock Identification Key

So you have found the coolest rock and it is now your favorite rock and you have named it George ...
Water Painting

Water Painting

The younger kids love this one!  You just need paintbrushes + water and voila! they are happy little campers. You ...
airplane obstacle course

Paper Airplane Obstacle Course

Set the kids to the task of charting an obstacle course for paper airplanes. Then they can each fold an ...
smell scavenger hunt

Smell Scavenger Hunt

Frequently we take for granted all those little things we live with every day. Like smells! There are probably a ...
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