Mud Brick Mania - FUNctional STEAM

Mud Brick Mania – FUNctional STEAM

This activity will be part of our book FUNctional STEAM:  25 Real World Activities for Problem-Solving Kids!  We are bouncing-on-our-toes ...
steam volcano

Volcano STEAM Project

Volcanoes are essential to the rock cycle. They are like super heated rock factories! I mean, we have a whole ...
1 meter plot

Plotting Biodiversity

We know what biodiversity IS but how do we measure it? Well let's get some hands-on practice in your own ...
grabber hand

Adapt a Grabber Hand – STEAM Project

This STEAM project is all about adaptation! So let's get started. Jump to 1:55 - Project task & things to ...

Plastic Revolution Project Ideas

So the purpose of the Plastic Revolution Project is to finish with... well, a project!  But what format will that ...
problem with plastics

Learn about the Plastics Problem

What's with plastics?  Why would we even want to replace them?  Well for this section of the project, we want ...
replace plastics

How it Works – PP3-5

What can we use to replace traditional plastics? That's the big question we will be exploring for our Plastic Revolution ...
replace homemade plastic

How it Works – PPK-2

What can I replace with a homemade “plastic”? That’s the big question we will be exploring for our Plastic Revolution ...
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