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Check out some amazing books, videos, and websites all about animal adaptations!  If you have a favorite, drop it in the comments and we can add it to the list.


What if I Had ____  series by Sandra Markle – covers all kinds of adaptations like what if I had animal hair, teeth, feet, eyes… etc.  These are great.

What do You do with a Tail like This? by Steve Jenkins

Animal Heads: A Song about Animal Adaptations by Vita Jimenez


12 Coolest Camouflage Animals and Insects from Talltanic on YouTube

Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds | Wild Costa Rica from Nat Geo Wild.  This video talks about the strategy of laying hundreds of eggs all at once.

Where’s the Cuttlefish?  By SciFri.  About super cuttlefish camouflage.

Axolotls are Masters of Regeneration by Animalogic.  Axolotls AMAZING adaptation to regenerate.

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities – 5 episodes about curious animal adaptations.  Included on Netflix or you can rent/buy other places.


Bats vs Owls or Cats vs. Dogs on Smash Boom Best.  This podcast pits 2 things against each other and has a person defending each to convince you which is best.  So of course they talk about the AMAZING adaptations of each of these animals.

Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together? from Wow in the World.  This podcast talks about that superpower bird adaptation of migration!


Read all about the Peppered Moths, which are a famous example for natural selection.

There are 2 different types, a light and dark.  Historically, the lighter color was more common.  During the industrial revolution in large cities like London, there was so much dark soot covering buildings and trees, the light moths became more visible.  After a time, the dark moths became more common as they were eaten less because they blended in with the newly dark environment.

peppered moth light
Photo by Ben Sale (CC BY 2.0) on Flickr
peppered moth dark
Photo by Ben Sale (CC BY 2.0) on Flickr

But was the rise and fall of the moths due only to color and birds eating them?  That is quite the debate.

Read more about the debate here and here


This activity is part of Fit to Survive [Unit 11].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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