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Forensic Books, Videos, & Sites

Check out some amazing books, videos, and websites all about forensic science! If you have a favorite, drop it in the comments and we can add it to the list.


  • CSI Expert!: Forensic Science for Kids by Karen Schulz
  • Crime Scene Whodunits: Dr. Quicksolve Mini-Mysteries by Jim Sukrach
  • Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base

Many of the fingerprinting images/photos came from the 1905 public domain book, Guide to Fingerprint Identification by Henry Faulds.  If you want to delve a little deeper, you can find it for free online here.


How is DNA fingerprinting used to identify a criminal? an animated video by Oxford Education

Websites & News Stories

Short article about Forensic Facial Reconstruction from the Smithsonian

Interview with John Palmer, a Forensic Engineer from Kids Ahead website

This list is part of Who Stole the Cake? [Unit 2].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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