forensic fun facts

Forensic Fun Facts

What is a good lesson without a few random, may-never-use-again but totally interesting facts! Forensic fun facts here we go!

  • Fingerprints are not foolproof. Yes, everyone has a unique fingerprint. But they are very intricate and difficult to match even for experts.
  • Your toe prints are are unique just like your fingerprints!
  • Modern police aren’t the only ones to use fingerprints. Ancient Chinese used thumbprints to sign legal documents. Most were not educated enough to write their names.
  • Improved DNA testing has exonerated (released) hundred of wrongfully convicted criminals.
  • You can learn a lot from bugs! There is an entire field dedicated to the study of insects in the crime scene – forensic entomology.
  • Crime scene testing sure takes a lot longer than it does on TV! Television shows are short and show quick tests. But lots of evidence takes days or weeks to test accurately.
  • The nose is an important tool in a crime scene. In arson (fire) cases, investigators frequently use smell to identify any chemicals like gasoline that was used to start the fire.
  • Skull shape is used to identify a persons race or gender. This is called cranial morphology.
  • The first account of forensic science was in 44 B.C. when Julius Caesar was stabbed in Rome. A physician, Antistius, was brought in to look at the body.
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These fun facts are part of Who Stole the Cake? [Unit 2].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.


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