Hard Life of a Rock – Printables

Just what you needed – all the lesson printables in one place!

Below are listed all the printables for Hard Life of a Rock – Unit 1.  You can find them scattered throughout the unit but this way you can quick click and print whatever you need.

Full Lessons

Rockin’ Around – how a rock is made & the rock cycle

Meet the Rocks – rock properties & identification


Make it With Rocks – challenge instructions & worksheet

Blank Rock Cycle – fill in the blank rock cycle diagram

Identify Your Rock – draw our rock & record its properties


Rock Identification Key – dichotomous key with instructions & rock descriptions

Rocks of Our Lives Activity – directions for 3 different activities & the “made with rocks”, “not made with rocks” signs

Rock Cycle – full rock cycle diagram

Coloring Pages

Igneous rocks in their wild and natural habitat 🙂  Click to download.

igneous family

This activity is part of Hard Life of a Rock [Unit 1].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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