dec pic birds eat

December – Bird Food

Just Eat It Decorate an edible outdoor holiday tree this year. Get creative and see what the animals like best. Ideas and directions on our site. Extras All kids enjoy decorating!  But this one is for the birds.  So get creative for our feathered friends. But what do birds eat?  A great discussion topic!  You …

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November – Science Day

World Science Day – November 10th For World Science Day, design your own science experiment! Use the scientific method worksheet from our site to help. Extras Let’s get sciencey!!  To design a great science experiment you, follow along with the scientific method.  We have a easy Scientific Method flow sheet (K-3) or a more in …

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oct pic leaves

October – Leaves

Can You Be-Leaf It? Plants have veins just like us. Leaf rubbings help to see them clearly. Just set a piece of paper over the leaf and use a crayon to rub over the paper. Extras Leaf rubbings are pretty straightforward but it is a great time to chat about the different parts of a …

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sep pic metamorphic family

September – Rock Family

Don’t Take Me for Granite There are so many kinds of rocks! Take a stroll around and see how many different rocks you can find even in your own backyard. Extras Want to know our most popular lesson?  Rocks!  Always rocks.  So take a special trip outside for a rock hunt. If you are interested …

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aug pic meteor

August – Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower This meteor show is actually caused by broken off pieces of the Swift-Tuttle comet. It runs most of the month but usually peaks around the 12th. Extras The Perseid meteor show happens every year between the middle of July and the end of August.  Although it happens for weeks, the peak of …

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jul pic family traits

July – Genetics

Gregor Mendel (Father of Genetics) Birthday – July 20th How much of YOU have you inherited from your family? Take a look around the family and compare inherited traits like hair color, eye color, earlobes, and toe length. Extras Is your 2nd toe longer than the first, just like Mom?  Do you have the Jones …

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jun pic hoop glider

June – Hoop Glider

Hoop de Loop You can use 2 index cards, a straw, and some tape to explore flight with your own hoop glider. Watch the How-to video on our site. Extras   Related Lessons These lessons are not included with the calendar but are other paid or free resources from us.

may pic plants

May – Plants

Lettuce Grow Some Plants Use small cups, soil, and your choice of seed to make 4 identical plantings. Place 2 in the sun and 2 in the dark. For 2-3 weeks, track your plants to see what they need to grow. Extras Set up a simple experiment to see what plants need to grow.  We’ve …

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apr pic earth day

April – Earth Day

Earth Day – April 22nd In honor of Earth Day, a pollution experiment! To a container of water, add food coloring, glitter, shredded paper, etc. How hard is it take the “pollution” back out? Extras Pollution is sure a lot harder to get out then it ever was to put in.  When you are trying …

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