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Parent Guide to Fit to Survive

It’s a battle for survival in this unit! Here is a guide for the unit.

Unit Objectives

Knowledge — minimum science standards

K = None
1 = None
2 = None
3 = Animal groups – we’ve not covered this yet.  We suggest the video Social Interactions & Group Behavior
Variations within the same species of animals and plants – Natural Selection science video
Natural selection – Natural Selection science video, This Beak was made for Eating lesson
Adaptation – Animal Adaptation science video, Ribbit Race camouflage game, Design a Monster game, Survival ABCs, Bird Food, Owl Vision
4 = None
5 = None

Unit teaching guide

Survival ABCs

Fun activities for all ages about adaptations.

Ribbit Race Camouflauge Game

Kids will love to explore camouflage through the interactive sliders.  Younger kids will enjoy coloring and finding the frogs.  The older kids can REALLY be challenge if you hide the frogs where they are well camouflaged.  Or let them compete by hiding them for their friends.

Design a Monster Game

This game is more appropriate for the older kids.  We recommend grade 2+.  Design a monster and explore how well it will survive in different habitats.  For the younger kids, we have a simplified sheet that they can still design a monster but you can just discuss instead of play the whole game.

This Beak was Made for Eating

Hands-on testing of different beak types.  We have done this with many mixed aged groups so it is great for all ages.

Bird Food

Make some bird feeders and test which birds like which seeds.  Good for all ages.

Owl Vision

Owls have a really unique eye adaptation (that’s why they need to turn their head so much)!  Try it out with all ages.

This activity is part of Fit to Survive [Unit 11]. Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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