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Parent Guide to Hard Life of a Rock

Let’s rock n’ rock! Here is a guide for the unit.

The science standards so not specifically cover the rock cycle.  But ALL KIDS LOVE ROCKS!!  So this unit is a kid favorite.

Unit Objectives

Knowledge — minimum science standards

K = None
1 = None
2 = None
3 = None
4 = Earth history – see the Fossils Unearthed science video
5 = None

Unit teaching guide

Rockin’ Around – lesson

This lesson goes well with the How to Make Rocks science videos.

A fun lesson for all agesYounger ages will probably need a little more help with the rock cycle game.

Meet the Rocks – lesson

Younger ages will enjoy testing the rocks and helping identify the rocks you find.  Older ages should be able to follow along the Rock ID Key.

Rock Identification Key

This is the same ID key from the Meet the Rocks lesson.  This is post includes the Key as an online interactive tool.  You can pull out your phone anytime to have the ID key at your fingertips.

Rocks of Our Lives – activity

A hands-on activity to explore rocks we use every day.  Good for all ages.

Make it with Rocks – challenge

2 separate challenges about rocks!  One about which rock type would be better for sculptures.  The other for building a dry rock wall.  This is probably better suited to older ages.

September – Rock Family

A fun igneous rock coloring page!!  All ages will enjoy this.  Older ages can have the added challenge of identifying all the little details of the photo.  Like the Quartizite is wearing a quartz watch which keeps great time with quartz crystals!

This activity is part of Hard Life of a Rock [Unit 1]. Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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