Atom + Atom = Molecule – Easy Molecule Introduction


Hands-on Introduction & Experiment for Kids

Molecules | Polymers


From those tiny building blocks called atoms, we move on to molecules. While there are many different types of molecules, there are a few things that molecules have in common.

In this hands-on chemistry lesson for kids, you will have an interactive exploration of different kinds of molecules. While exploring molecules, you will be able to make and break your own molecules.

In this hands-on chemistry lesson for kids, you will be:

  • Experimenting with ionic and covalent molecular bonds.
  • Creating your own “polymer chain.”
  • Playing with a polymer and changing it.

✔️ Virtual distance learning

✔️ Social distance classroom learning

This molecule activity is great for virtual and social distance learning.


Time to Complete:

15+ minutes




Molecules and polymers


Molecules. Ionic bonding, covalent bonding, endothermic reaction, exothermic reaction, monomer, polymer.



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