Brain Builders STEAM Club – Session 2


An 8 week STEAM club just for kids!

More thinking for them • Less work for you

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What IS the Brain Builders STEAM Club?

We want kids to THINK, build, and get hands-on!

Active kids with active minds need ACTIVE projects.  We’re going to get a little messy, a little chatty, and have a lot of fun!

🧠 Keep ’em busy!
With 17 different activities, we’ll be keeping those brains and hands busy! They may even spend hours on a project if they really get into it.

📣 Give your kids someone else to talk to
We’re happy to see your kiddos 450th LEGO creation and hear all about it! We have space for kids to show and tells us all about their projects and anything else they are creating

🛠️ Skills you won’t find in the classroom
We all know kids need “problem-solving skills” but where do they get those? Classrooms too often focus on facts but we’re getting our hands dirty and building those skills.

What Projects Are We Doing?

We’ve got 8 weeks of activities that will keep the kids asking for more.

Week 1
Design a board game

Week 2
Video sound effects

Week 3
Bridge builders

Week 4
Mechanical hand

Week 5
Candy crumbles

Week 6
Lima bean race

Week 7
Bio domes

Week 8
Can you Rube Goldberg?

While we’re having fun, we’ll actually be learning these:

  • Testing
  • Design improvement
  • Creativity
  • Understanding problems
  • Brainstorming
  • Observing
  • Asking questions
  • Isolating a variable
  • Setting up a scientific experiment
  • and more!


We try and use the simplest and easiest to find supplies for all of our projects and activities. To give you an idea of what supplies you will need we have created a PDF that you can download here. 


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