Bubble Bubble- Outdoor Lesson about Surface Tension, Cohesion, & Adhesion


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Bubbles, who doesn’t love bubbles? They are not only fun, but they can be educational! This hands-on experiment for kids teaches tricky chemical concepts like surface tension, cohesion, and adhesion. 

In this lesson we will

– Practice a little surface tension magic

– Make a whole lotta bubbles!

– Experiment with bubble wand shapes

– Find out why bubbles are always round

– Attempt to make a square bubble

In addition, we include fun science illustrations to visually explain the tricky chemical concepts. This visual aspect helps expand the lesson to every variety of learner.




Surface tension, cohesion, & adhesion




Surface tension, cohesion, adhesion, molecules, air pressure


Time to Complete


10 minutes prep, 15+ minute lesson


Take it Outside


While this activity is ideal for the outdoors, especially in the schoolyard or backyard, it can be done in the classroom.


This Lesson Contains


– Detailed prep section

– Interactive, hands-on lesson outline

– Bubble solution recipe

– Science Explanations

– Vocabulary

– Fun facts about the surface tension, cohesion, & adhesion

– Ideas for extending the lesson with other experiments, videos, and books


Science Explained


Not strong in science? Don’t let that slow you down!

This lesson explains all the science behind bubbles, surface tension, cohesion, and adhesion.



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