Build an Atom – Intro to Atoms Hands-on Activity


Hands-on, Active Introduction to Atoms

Atom | proton | neutron | electron

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Itsy bitsy teeny weeny, yellow polka dot… wait! That’s not what we are talking about! We are talking about all those itsy bitsy building blocks that make up EVERYTHING in the universe!

In this lesson we will

• Zoom down from our amazing bodies down to the atom level

• Learn a little about atomic particles

• Create our own interactive atom model

If you have been looking for a HANDS-ON, interactive way to introduce atoms and subatomic particles, this is the lesson for you. Even young kids will gain a basic understanding of electrons circling a nucleus.

Play it at school or use it for homeschool with mixed ages.

Grade Levels

Our lessons are very flexible but we recommend them for these ages.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Homeschool

Time to Complete

10+ minutes




Atom, proton, neutron, nucleus, electron, electron shell, periodic table of elements

Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS 5-PS1-1

Take it Outside

We suggest you take this outside if you can. It can easily be done in the schoolyard or the backyard.  Gives the kids more room to move.



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