DIY 3D Hand-drawn Pictures


Teach kids how to draw their own 3D images with our free printable.

A picture of a hamburger is great. But a picture where a hamburger flies out towards your face is ultimately better and way more fun. 3D movies and graphics are getting more and more sophisticated but the basic science principles are the same as how we use our eyes every day.


Some people use complicated technology to create 3D pictures but let’s draw them by hand! Just think of all the crazy stuff you can design.

Time: 5 min prep, 20 min activity

What you need

Special Materials

□ 3D glasses with red and blue lens (the simple paper ones)


□ 2 pieces of blank white paper

□ Several colored pencils or markers, different shades of blue and red
□ 1 black pen or thin-tipped marker
□ Plain graphite pencil
□ Masking or drafting tape


□ Ruler


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