Flight Time


Active physics and flight lesson for kids.

Flight | Physics | Paper Airplanes


It’s no secret that kids love airplanes and flying. Fortunately, this lesson will teach kids about airplanes and flying by creating paper airplanes, another favorite of many kids!

This flight lesson for kids will:

  • Teach kids how to make paper airplanes.
  • Practice coordination in folding paper airplanes.
  • Learn four basic forces behind flying.
  • See flight forces in action!
  • Throw a lot of paper airplanes.

While this activity is ideal for the outdoors, especially in the schoolyard or backyard, it can be done in the classroom.

This lesson contains:

  • Full hands-on flight tie lesson
  • Links to detailed folding videos (for those like *ahem* me *ahem* who’s airplanes always fly south)
  • Science Explanations
  • Vocabulary
  • Variations and experiments for older ages (such as 6th graders) with our Flight Tracking sheet.

✔️ Virtual distance learning

✔️ Socially distanced classroom

Kids will be making and testing their own paper airplanes which is easily done at home or in a socially distanced classroom.


Time to Complete:

15+ minutes to prep time, 30-hour lesson time


Physics, Science



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