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Hands-on Science for Real Life

Lessons your kids will love • Real science you’ll use outside school

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Sale for Founding Members

Help us get started with Hands-on Science! We’ve still got more to add to the program so we’re considering it “in progress”.  Which means you get a discount for as long as you’re enrolled and you get a say in what you like and want to see inside.

4 units [Hard Life of a Rock, Space Balls, Fit to Survive, & Home Sweet Home] are available immediately.  The other 9 units will be finished up and released throughout August.  After that, you can expect new content every month.

We are limiting our founder group to a small number of families so act quickly before the offer is gone!

Discount price good through Aug. 24th.

Hands-on Science is the unicorn you’ve been looking for!

We’re all about getting hands-on and exploring the processes and thinking skills of science rather than a list of facts.

Because in the age of “alternative facts” and science dominated news, there is a clear need to prepare our kids with the science literacy for tomorrow.

  • Focus on processes, not just facts
  • Build scientific literacy
  • Science kids will use again and again
  • You don’t have to know the science
  • Simple lesson supplies
  • Engaging lessons kids are excited to try

Why Hands-On?

Science is best experienced not just read about. Here’s a few reason’s why we think hands-on science is tops!

Better Learning

Physically experiencing science allows kids to learn better and perform better on tests (University of Chicago study)

Mistakes are Valuable

Science is all about trial and error. So getting in and actually making errors and learning from failure is just as important as knowing facts.

Let’s Take a Peak at What’s Inside

13 Full Units + More Each Month

We currently have 13 full units on a range of science topics and we’ll be adding new content each month.

Science Videos

Science videos explaining the important concepts for each unit.

Hands-on Lessons & Activities

Our units are filled with ways to experience science while learning about it, not just textbooks and worksheets.

Flexible Age Extensions

We know most homeschoolers teach multiple ages at once. Our lessons are suitable for most elementary ages and we’ll give you ideas and separate resources when needed to modify for older/younger students.

Everyday Science

A section for each unit focusing on that science topic in the news, recent stories, or how it helps you every day!

STEAM Project for Each Unit

We are STEAM Thinkers after all! We’ll build even more thinking and problem-solving skills with a STEAM project in each unit.

Online Science Fair

Forget your regular ol’ school gym science fair! This is online and REALLY digs into the scientific method. Judged by real scientists for cool prizes!

Build a unit study

List of ideas and resources to extend out a Hands-on Science unit into a full unit study with math, language arts, and other subjects.

Stuff for parents

This isn’t just a library of resources. We’ve got a robust commenting system where you can ask questions, upload photos or video of what you did, and share successes and failures. Plus, extra training if you are interested in teaching better.

Got Questions?

What ages is this for?

The program is built for elementary school ages.  There are a variety of materials for different levels and we give tips for adjusting to younger or older ages.  It is perfect for a family teaching mixed-aged kids together.

Do I need an account for each child?

No.  You just need 1 parent account that you can use for teaching multiple kiddos.

What about science standards?

We try to mention applicable Next Generation Science Standards where possible.  We do not follow NGSS exactly but we do like that these standards including engineering, modeling, etc.

Is this a religious or secular curriculum?

This is not a religious program.  We are a religious family but we focus on teaching scientific concepts and leave religious discussions up to your family.


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