Mud Brick Mania – FUNctional STEAM


How strong can you make your bricks be? In this activity kids will develop and test out their own mud bricks to see how strong they can make them.

Do you think it is important to test how strong that cement is for the new bridge? Absolutely!! Material development and testing ensures that your materials are just right – strong enough, light enough, tough enough.


Develop and test your own mud bricks! How strong can you make them?

Time: 1 hr activity, 1-2 days drying time

What you need


□ Dirt (about 15 cups or 3.5 L)
□ Water
□ Sticks
□ Leaves
□ Dead grass


□ Bucket with handle
□ 2 Smaller buckets or bowls
□ Stick for stirring
□ (2) 2×4 or 1×2 boards 16 – 24 in (40.5 – 56 cm) long
□ 6 cinder blocks
2 tables, 2 chairs
2 of anything equal in height, about 22 – 32in (56 – 81 cm) tall
□ Ruler or yardstick

Before you start

This is all about the scientific method! Do you remember the steps?

Observe – Hypothesize – Experiment – Analyze – Report

As you experiment with your bricks, adding extras to the mud to see what makes them stronger, you are performing steps of this method.


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