Paper Airplanes and Bird Biomimicry – Elementary Flight Bundle


Full unit on flight.

If you are looking for a physics lesson in flight for both birds and planes, then look no further! Our flight and biomimicry lesson bundle for kids is a great way to introduce the physics of flight. This lesson is not only fun but it’s the perfect STEAM/ STEM hands-on lesson for kids.


Flight Time Lesson

In this lesson kids will:

– Practice coordination in folding paper airplanes

– Learn four basic physics forces behind flying

– See flight forces in action!

– Throw a lot of paper airplanes

Time to Complete

15+ minutes prep time, 30 hour lesson time


Paper Airplanes and Flight


Gravity, lift, thrust, drag, mass, weight, Bernoulli’s principle


War of Wingalings – Bird vs Plane Biomimicry

In this lesson kids will:

  • Observe birds in their natural habitat!
  • Compare bird and airplane flight
  • Learn about biomimicry and how it effects us every day

Time to Complete

1 hour lesson time


Bird Vs. Airplane Biomimicry


Biomimicry, high-lift wings, high-speed wings, high-aspect-ratio wings, elliptical wings

Biomimicry Solutions – Bundle Bonus

Now that you’ve explored a little biomimicry with birds vs. airplanes, try it yourself! Use this sheet to brainstorm and come up with your OWN biomimicy solution to an everyday problem.


More About the Bundle

Take it Outside

This lesson is designed to be done outdoors. It can easily be taken into the schoolyard or the backyard.

Next Generation Science Standards




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