Record a Weather Show – Hands-on Weather Prediction


If you have completed our DIY Weather Station and Weather Watch lesson, then you are ready for the next step (but if you haven’t, go check those out first). Your next step is to create your own weather show!

Take a look at the weather indicators over the last few days, such as barometric pressure and clouds, and predict what the weather will be for tomorrow.

Next, pick a fun weatherperson name, it can be as cheesy as you want, and tell everyone about your predictions. You can either do a live video on a social media platform, or record it and add graphics and sounds.

What’s included

– Directions for creating your weather show

– Weather icons to use during your show

– A list of free photo and sound resources for your video

Time to Complete

30+ minutes

Take it Outside

We design all our games and lesson to be done outside but this lesson CAN BE DONE IN THE CLASSROOM. But we suggest you take it outside if you can. It can easily be done in the schoolyard or the backyard.

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