Rockin’ Around – Rock Cycle


Active STEM lesson and game about rock cycle.

Rock cycle | STEAM lesson | Rock cycle game

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While it may seem like rocks just lay around all day, they actually have a hard life. They are constantly moving around the earth being broken, crushed, ground to dust, buried, squashed with the weight of mountains, and even melted.

Who knew the life of a rock was so hard?

Our Rockin’ Around hands-on STEM lesson and game takes kids on a journey through the life of a rock in the rock cycle.

In this easy geology lesson for kids, they will:

  • Explore how rocks are formed (the yummy way!)
  • Learn about the three types of rocks
  • Take a trip through the rock cycle

Time to Complete
10 minutes prep, 30+ minutes cookie baking, 15+ minutes game


Take it Outside

While this activity is ideal for the outdoors, especially in the schoolyard or backyard, it can be done in the classroom.


This Lesson Contains

-full lesson about the rock cycle

-baking activity & recipes to explore rock formation

-rock cycle game instructions

-6 printable rock cycle dice



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