Meet the Rocks – Rock Properties


Hands-on lesson teaches rock properties of hardness, streak, and luster.  Includes rock ID key.

Rock id key | Rock hardness luster and streak | Rock characteristics

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Just as humans have different characteristics, such as heights, eye colors, and hair colors to tell them apart, rocks have different unique physical properties as well.

This hands-on geology lesson teaches kids all about rocks and their properties. From hardness, streak, to luster, this lesson will teach kids about rock characteristics, and rock identification.

In this lesson we will:

  • Collect local rocks
  • Determine rock streak with streak plates
  • Test rock hardness
  • Key out rock samples to see just who those rocks are!


Time to Complete
10 minutes prep, 30+ minutes cookie baking, 15+ minutes game


Concepts & vocabulary

Rock Identification & Physical Properties of Rocks

Streak, Mohs Hardness scale, luster, dichotomous key


Take it Outside

While this activity is ideal for the outdoors, especially in the schoolyard or backyard, it can be done in the classroom.


This Lesson Contains

-full lesson about rock properties: luster, streak, hardness, crystals

-rock ID key for 18 common rocks (or buy the key separately here)

-Identify your Rock worksheet




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