Super STEAM Dice


Introducing the Super STEAM Dice!  They create hours of fun STEAM activities such as a car made out of balloons that bounces, an airplane made out of crafts sticks that holds 20 pennies, or even a catapult made out of lids that flies!

The Super STEAM Dice is a way to get your kids creating with items you already have lying around your house. All you need to do is print out the dice (cardstock is best) cut them out and glue them together and off you go.

There are 3 types of dice:

1 – Build:

This is the thing you make. This dice has objects such as car, catapult, airplane, tower, or bridge.

2 – Using:

This is the materials you use.  You can use other things as well, but it should play an important role in your design.  Examples are TP tubes, lids, balloons, or cardboard.

3 – That can:

The final type of dice tells you what your object should do such as float, fly, drive on wheels, bounce, etc.


After rolling one die of each type you will get something like:

Build an airplane using pencils that can float

Build a bridge using TP tubes that bounces

The possibilities are endless!  Ok maybe not. It is ACTUALLY 216 possibilities but we will be adding additional dice soon so keep a look out for more awesomeness.


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