War of the Wingalings – Bird vs Airplane Biomimicry Lesson


A lesson focused on bird vs airplane biomimicry.

While we can’t fly ourselves, for years we have been studying and copying bird flight principles to create airplanes. Our War of the Wingalings lesson will focus on biomimicry, airplane flight, and bird flight. This is a great STEAM lesson for kids who are interested in flight.

So what are all these flight principles you speak of oh wise one?  If you missed the first flight lesson in this unit go check out the lesson “Flight Time”.


In this lesson kids will:

  • Observe birds in their natural habitat!
  • Compare bird and airplane flight
  • Learn about biomimicry and how it effects us every day


Time to Complete

1 hour lesson time



Bird Vs. Airplane Biomimicry



Biomimicry, high-lift wings, high-speed wings, high-aspect-ratio wings, elliptical wings


Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS 3-PS2-1, 5-PS2-1


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