Water Cycle Hero Challenge


Water cycle dice game

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Water really is the ultimate superhero! Without water, we couldn’t even exist. Now you can be a superhero just like water with the Water Cycle Hero Challenge game.

Evaporate in the air, condense into clouds, rain back into the ocean… it is an exciting life as a water cycle hero!

Students start at different stations of the water cycle then roll dice to move through the cycle and collect hero tokens. Fun, active, and hands-on learning!


Time to Complete
10 minutes prep, 15+ minute game


Take it Outside
Most of our games and lesson to be done outside but this game CAN BE DONE IN THE CLASSROOM. But we suggest you take it outside if you can. It can easily be done in the schoolyard or the backyard.


This Game Contains
– Introduction to water’s essential functions
– Game rules
– 6 water cycle printable dice
– 6 water cycle station signs
– 1 water cycle diagram


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