What Makes Stuff Alive? – Abiotic vs Biotic


A lesson about what makes stuff alive. Abiotic, biotic, and taxonomy.

There are varying levels of life, from “live enough to build a rocket,” all the way to death, and everything in between. This doesn’t just include people, but all things that are alive, and/or were alive. But is a plant alive? How about a germ or bacteria? Our “What Makes Stuff Alive?” lesson will answer all of those questions! This is a great STEAM lesson for kids in grades kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, kkand 5th grade.

In this lesson we will explore:

What makes stuff alive

How scientists organize and classify all living things

Create a new taxonomy

This lesson includes:

A full lesson about biotic vs abiotic & taxonomy

Vocabulary and Concepts

7 Characteristics of Life coloring page

Classification of Life worksheet

Time to Complete:

30+ minutes


Science, abiotic, biotic, taxonomy


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