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Rain, Wind, & Seasons Oh My! Books, Videos, & Sites

Check out some amazing books, videos, and websites all about weather! If you have a favorite, drop it in the comments and we can add it to the list.


The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool

The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola

The Good Rainbow Road by Simon J. Ortiz

A Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice Provensen

What Will the Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt

Freddy the Frogcaster by Janice Dean



The Science of Rainbows from PBS’s It’s OK to Be Smart

Weather vs Climate from Crash Course Kids

Websites & News Stories

CloudWheel Cloud Identification – the UK’s Royal Meteorological Society has a great printable cloud wheel to help with cloud identification.  I love our big cloud photos in the Weather Watch lesson but if you need something a little more portable, this is for you!


This activity is part of Rain, Wind, & Seasons Oh My! [Unit 8].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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