Refund Policy

Last updated: Monday 22nd May 2017

TYEE OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE LLC (the “Service Provider“) operates the Internet site located at and its associated subdomains (the “Service“).

Clients, customers, members, subscribers, and visitors (“you“, “your“, or “them“) are advised to read this Refund Policy carefully before using the Service.

1. Entire Agreement

This Refund Policy and the Terms of Service (“Terms“, or “Terms of Service“), as amended from time to time, constitute part of this agreement.

2. Refunds

Refunds may be available up to and including the first 30 days of your use of the Service.

A refund request (“Request“) is reviewed by the Service Provider, and on a case-​by-​case basis. The final assessment of a Request neither implies nor guarantees the final assessment of a subsequent Request.

The Service Provider, in its sole discretion and at any time, may reject a Request, whether or not access to the Service was terminated by the Service Provider for any reason.

If the Service Provider approves your Request, you will be notified of the amount to be reimbursed through the email address you have provided to the Service Provider.

The Service Provider will consider your use of the Service when assessing a Request. Your use of the Service includes, but is not limited to, any agreements you have entered into with the Service Provider, and any other assistance you may have received that may fall outside the parameters of those agreements, resulting from your use of the Service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to reject a Request submitted (a) after 30 days of your use of the Service, (b) following your renewal of your use of the Service, (c) resulting from a change of Service plan, or (d) for any other reason as determined at the sole discretion of the Service Provider.

In place of a reimbursement, the Service Provider may offer a credit which may be used during your continued use of the Service.

3. Contact

Feel free to contact the Service Provider if you have any questions about this Refund Policy.

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