Fact or myth

Space Balls Fact or Myth?

Is that weird tidbit you heard science fact or science false? As part of scientific literacy, we want kids to think critically about what they hear and be able to tell research whether it is the real deal or a pile of myths.

Is it a fact or myth?

Pick one of these statements about space to investigate and declare it FACT or MYTH!

  • Space is silent to human ears
  • It’s a long way up to space


  • Print the Fact or Myth sheet
  • Present the statement
  • ONLY use the provided resources and helps if the kids are really stuck
  • Discuss with the kids what they’ve found!


  • Fill in the “prediction” portion of the Fact or Myth sheet first
  • Investigate the statement
  • List your sources and fill in the “reality” portion of the Fact or Myth sheet

Fact or Myth ANSWERS

The kids need to have the skills to research the truth behind these statements but we’ve put together a little cheat sheet for you parents 😉 You can use the resources below to nudge the kids in the right direction if they need it.

These are all online resources but we also suggest you hit your local library to find books on the same subject and search for answers there too.

Space is silent to human ears – FACT

It’s a long way up to space – MYTH

What is the Karman Line? from World Atlas – includes a great graphic!

The Edge of Space Just Crept 12 Miles Closer to Earth from Live Science – an interesting read about the debate over where to define “space”

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