Easter Egg Rocket Race

Easter Egg Rocket Race

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and that means SUPER MEGA EASTER EGG ROCKET RACES!! And you have to say ...
Candy Catapult Challenge

Candy Catapult Challenge

The days after Halloween are always filled with candy.  You eat all the good stuff and have a pile that ...
Water Painting

Water Painting

The younger kids love this one!  You just need paintbrushes + water and voila! they are happy little campers. You ...
bowerbird challenge

Bowerbird Challenge

Can you be as artistic as the Bowerbird? Take the challenge and build a nest as attractive as the Bowerbird ...
autumn leaves coloring pages

Autumn Leaves Coloring & Tracing Pages

Autumn!  Don't you just love those brilliant leaf colors?  I sure do! So we've put together a page of common ...
coloring pages

Make Science Fun Coloring Pages

Too many kids think science is pretty *bleh* but it doesn't have to be!  Some of my favorite memes are ...
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