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jupiter libra sky view app

Sky View – astronomy app for everyone

Did you ever look at the starry sky and wonder what is out there? Try to identify the constellations and ...
spring scavenger hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring has sprung! The flowers, the new green leaves, little sprouts pushing up out of the ground, getting my hands ...
Sidewalk Chalk Shape Maze

Sidewalk Chalk Shape Maze

Kids love sidewalk chalk... and shapes!  So let's throw them together. This is one of my favorite set it and ...
airplane obstacle course

Paper Airplane Obstacle Course

Set the kids to the task of charting an obstacle course for paper airplanes. Then they can each fold an ...

iNaturalist – easy Citizen Science

Imagine you are out and about on a family adventure. Suddenly one of the kids finds a crazy cool bug ...
autumn leaves coloring pages

Autumn Leaves Coloring & Tracing Pages

Autumn!  Don't you just love those brilliant leaf colors?  I sure do! So we've put together a page of common ...
scientific method header

Scientific Method Flow Sheet – Teaching Kids to Think Critically

?The Scientific Method!  The Scientific Method!? I loved hearing my youngest kids chanting that around the house after watching an ...
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