biological science

Seed dissection - Activity

Seed dissection – Activity

One of the best ways to study seeds is to take them apart! So let's get started with that dissection ...
fit to survive fun facts

Fit to Survive Fun Facts

What is a good lesson without a few random, may-never-use-again but totally interesting facts! Physics fun facts here we go! ...
smell scavenger hunt

Smell Scavenger Hunt

Frequently we take for granted all those little things we live with every day. Like smells! There are probably a ...

iNaturalist – easy Citizen Science

Imagine you are out and about on a family adventure. Suddenly one of the kids finds a crazy cool bug ...
bowerbird challenge

Bowerbird Challenge

Can you be as artistic as the Bowerbird? Take the challenge and build a nest as attractive as the Bowerbird ...
animal codebreakers lesson bald eagle

Animal Codebreakers – Lesson

Those animals just won’t be quiet! Animals, birds, bugs… they are communicating all the time whether we know it or ...
honeybee training

Honey Bee Training [Communication & Cooperation]

Honeybees. The underrated force that makes the world go round. Bees teach us so much about teamwork, communication, and that ...
plant babies

Plant Babies – Game

Being a plant is tough! You can’t run from predators, you can’t walk around to find food, and it’s hard ...
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