Dinosaur Stomp - preK to 5th activities

Dinosaur Stomp – preK to 5th activities

Dinosaurs!  I swear that the biggest words my son knows are those huge dinosaur names that I can't even pronounce! ...
Sidewalk Chalk Shape Maze

Sidewalk Chalk Shape Maze

Kids love sidewalk chalk... and shapes!  So let's throw them together. This is one of my favorite set it and ...
building blocks of life

Building Blocks of Life – Lesson

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny, yellow polka dot… wait!  That’s not what we are talking about!  We are talking about all ...
plant babies

Plant Babies – Game

Being a plant is tough! You can’t run from predators, you can’t walk around to find food, and it’s hard ...
rockin around

Rockin’ Around – Lesson

The life of a rock is hard. It seems that rocks lay around all day sunning, bathing or drinking lemonade ...
rocks of our lives

Rocks of Our Lives – Activity

When was the last time you used a rock? Was it when you got up this morning or on your ...
h2o superhero

H2O: The Ultimate Superhero [The Water Cycle]

See him walk through walls!!  Watch in amazement as he grows bigger and disappears entirely! Water really is the ultimate ...
act like an insect action dice

Act Like an Insect – Action Dice

Flutter like a butterfly.  Buzz like a bee. Kids are endlessly fascinated so lets be a little more buggy!  This ...
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