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Dinosaur Stomp - preK to 5th activities

Dinosaur Stomp – preK to 5th activities

Dinosaurs!  I swear that the biggest words my son knows are those huge dinosaur names that I can't even pronounce! ...
beaks made eating

This Beak was Made for Eating – Lesson

Bird beaks comes in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are long and flat while others are short and skinny ...
ecosystem splat

Ecosystem Splat – Game

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left an apple in your pocket for a year? I have ...
tangled food web

Tangled in a Food Web – Lesson

Ever wonder why the burrito you ate for lunch seems intent on killing you? Just as that burrito has a ...
grabber hand

Adapt a Grabber Hand – STEAM Project

This STEAM project is all about adaptation! So let's get started. Jump to 1:55 - Project task & things to ...
Animal Adaptation Science Video

Animal Adaptation Science Video

In this one, we've talking all about animal adaptations - body parts and behavior. Make sure to keep an eye ...
bowerbird challenge

Bowerbird Challenge

Can you be as artistic as the Bowerbird? Take the challenge and build a nest as attractive as the Bowerbird ...
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