unit 1

rock fun facts

Hard Life of a Rock Fun Facts

What is a good lesson without a few random, may-never-use-again but totally interesting facts! A few fun facts about rocks ...
Fact or myth

Hard Life of a Rock Fact or Myth?

Is that weird tidbit you heard science fact or science false? As part of scientific literacy, we want kids to ...
parent guide hard life rock

Parent Guide to Hard Life of a Rock

Let's rock n' rock! Here is a guide for the unit. The science standards so not specifically cover the rock ...
steam volcano

Volcano STEAM Project

Volcanoes are essential to the rock cycle. They are like super heated rock factories! I mean, we have a whole ...
rock identification key

Rock Identification Key

So you have found the coolest rock and it is now your favorite rock and you have named it George ...

Hard Life of a Rock – Printables

Just what you needed - all the lesson printables in one place! Below are listed all the printables for Hard ...
make it with rocks

Make it with Rocks! – Challenge

Knowing all about rocks and their different properties is interesting but how does that help me every day? Is the ...
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