unit 11

Science Everyday - Fit to Survive

Science Everyday – Fit to Survive

Learning about all this science is great but we don't want to just "know things" we want to use them ...
Fact or myth

Fit to Survive Fact or Myth?

Is that weird tidbit you heard science fact or science false? As part of scientific literacy, we want kids to ...
parent guide fit survive

Parent Guide to Fit to Survive

It's a battle for survival in this unit! Here is a guide for the unit. Unit Objectives Knowledge -- minimum ...
design a monster

Design a Monster – Game

Have you ever wanted to create a world and populate it with the most amazing animals your imagination could conjure ...
ribbit race camouflage

Ribbit Race – Camouflage Game

One of the coolest animal adaptations is CAMOUFLAGE!! Take a look at this interactive camouflage slider and then play the ...
survival abc

Survival ABCs – Activities

What does it take to survive out there in the wild? I mean, we have our houses to protect us ...
fit to survive books sites header

Fit to Survive Books, Videos, & Sites

Check out some amazing books, videos, and websites all about animal adaptations! If you have a favorite, drop it in ...
beaks made eating

This Beak was Made for Eating – Lesson

Bird beaks comes in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are long and flat while others are short and skinny ...
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