unit 5

Science Everyday - It's Alive!

Science Everyday – It’s Alive!

Learning about all this science is great but we don't want to just "know things" we want to use them ...
It's Alive Fun Facts

It’s Alive Fun Facts

What is a good lesson without a few random, may-never-use-again but totally interesting facts! A few fun facts about biotic ...
Seed dissection - Activity

Seed dissection – Activity

One of the best ways to study seeds is to take them apart! So let's get started with that dissection ...
It's Alive! Books, Videos, & Sites

It’s Alive! Books, Videos, & Sites

Check out some amazing books, videos, and websites all about life! There is so much good stuff out there these ...

It’s Alive! – Printables

Just what you needed - all the lesson printables in one place! Below are listed all the printables for It's ...
plant babies

Plant Babies – Game

Being a plant is tough! You can’t run from predators, you can’t walk around to find food, and it’s hard ...
what makes stuff alive

What Makes Stuff Alive? – lesson

There are varying levels of life, from “live enough to build a pink rocket” to mindless binge-watching Netflix to “mostly ...
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