ecosystem habitat video

Ecosystems and Habitats Science Video

Guess what? You are living in an ecosystem and habitat RIGHT NOW! Don't believe me? Check out the video! ...
life of a star

Life of a Star Science Video

Discover the forces that make the stars!!  (Psst, it's gravity and fusion if you didn't already know.)  Plus explore the ...
gravity solar system

Solar System & Gravity Science Video

An introduction to our solar system and the gravity force that holds it together.   Also practice the rhyme for the ...
grabber hand

Adapt a Grabber Hand – STEAM Project

This STEAM project is all about adaptation! So let's get started. Jump to 1:55 - Project task & things to ...
Animal Adaptation Science Video

Animal Adaptation Science Video

In this one, we've talking all about animal adaptations - body parts and behavior. Make sure to keep an eye ...
video resources

Free Video, Photo, and Sound Resources for Projects

So you have these kids that REALLY want to make a video.  You can take a quick something on your ...
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