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Volcano STEAM Project

Volcanoes are essential to the rock cycle. They are like super heated rock factories! I mean, we have a whole type of rocks that can only be made from melting.

So let’s do a like volcano experimenting shall we? But this is NOT just the usual vinegar and baking soda experiment because this is STEAM! So that means we are

  1. Designing a volcano that can stand multiple eruptions.
  2. Experimenting for the optimal ratio of baking soda to vinegar so the kids can erupt more with less materials ?

Watch all about the details in the video.  The graphing data sheet can be found in the “How to Design the Perfect Experiment” packet (PDF). (if you want to jump to the whole post for designing an experiement, it is here)

What STEAM are we doing in this project?

  • S – acid base science, discuss WHY you need vinegar and baking soda
  • A – creativity for making a volcano for the specifications
  • M – graphing and analyzing your results

This activity is part of Hard Life of a Rock [Unit 1].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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