Weather Show – Activity

Work together to produce your very own weather show!

Look at:

• Pressure
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Cloud type

for today


Make a Prediction:

• Temperature
• Precipitation
• Cloudy/sunny

about tomorrow

Print out

Print out the weather icons you want to use.  You’ll find them in the printable PDF.

weather symbolsMap it

Make a map of your local area for the background. Newsprint is great for this!

Get Creative

Come up with a fun “weather name” for the broadcast. Here’s some ideas.

  • Cumulus Jacket
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Bolt Lightening
  • Hurricane Harry
  • Tsunami Ali
  • Windy Wendy
  • Misty Showers

“And now over to our weather with Misty  Showers!”  See how well that works?  The naming part is necessary!

pencilWrite it

Now you are ready to write the script!

Set the stage

Set up your background, grab a costume, have fun!

And….Action!video camera

Let the kids help you with the tech and just go! Broadcast LIVE on Facebook or save your video and add great sound effects and music. Then share it!

Record outside for great lighting and actually experience the weather.

Video Resources

If you want to do a little more with your video, here are a few extra resources for you.

iMovie – I hear this is THE best video editing software for iOS.

Movavi – This is what I use on desktop.  It is a little pricey to buy for just one activity but you could download the free trial.

YouTube Audio Library – A huge variety of free music and sound effects for your videos.


We’d love to see your videos!  So tag us on social media or send us a link to your broadcast.

This activity is part of Rain, Wind, & Seasons Oh My! [Unit 8].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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