Welcome to the Brain Builders STEAM Club!

See this girl? Yeah that is how ecstatic, thrilled, jubilant we are that you’re here!

Now that you are here, we need to get your kids signed up for their own account.

It is super easy and this video will walk you through how to do the sign up and use the site. But if you have any extra questions, you can certainly let us know. We have a handy dandy live chat in the right corner there.

Tip: If you are a Gmail user, drag our first email from your “Promotions” tab to your “Primary” tab so you don’t miss anything important.

Kids Email Accounts

Currently, kids need their own email account for each account on this website.  We’re working on getting that updated soon but that’s what we’re working with now.

If you family are gmail users, you can create a monitored kids email through Google Family Link.  Or you can check out this review from Very Well Family about kid friendly email providers ZillaMail, KidsEmail, and TocoMail.  As a disclaimer, we have only personally used Google Family Link.

Public school students usually get an email account.  So if your kids have previously gone to public school or you are comfortable working with the local school district to get one, you can use a student email address.

Safety First

We want this to be the uper-super safe place for kids to come to learn, create, and think. So if you want to know what we are doing to keep your kids safe, we have a page that tells you all about what we are doing here on the site. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know so we can make it even better.

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