What We're Doing to Keep Kids Safe

Although we have a silly sense of humor, we’re pinky-swear-serious about keeping your kiddos safe on our site.  You’ll never have to worry about your kids visiting us here! 

Kid Accounts

Kids only have an account on the site with parent permission.  You are in complete control of your children’s information and can delete their account at any time from your “Account” page.

Usernames and Real Names

Anywhere on the site that is built to display a name (like in comments) will only display kids usernames not kiddos’ real names.

All moderators will have a “Admin” tag next to their name in the comments section so you know it is us.


All our videos that are set to play in the site are hosted on Vimeo so they will not advertise or suggest another video that is not from us. 

Any other videos that we suggest from YouTube or other sites are included only as links and must be followed to watch them.  These resources are sources we trust but we ask that you be vigilant as well to see if they agree with the standards of your family.

Photos & Recognitions

Kids have the opportunity to submit photos, videos, etc of projects.  We may feature these on the website but we will not use real names.  You can ask us to remove these at any time.

Live Chat

Kids do have access to our live chat for any help.  This chat is ONLY accessed and answered by our moderators, not a 3rd party.
We keep chat information for 4-6 months and you can request your kids chat history at any time.

Secure Live Video

There has been a lot of buzz about “Zoom bombing” and unsafe live video classes.

We take this VERY seriously and are using secure software.  We do not record video to the cloud, only locally on the computer.  We do not tolerate inappropriate content (lewd, nude, sexual in nature, racially insensitive, bullying, swearing) and will discuss with parents about banning kids from live classes or the program if there is a problem. 

Anything inappropriate during a live video class will be stopped immediately.  If there are continued problems, we always reserve the right to suspend live classes and only have prerecorded lessons.

We usually have some parents around during the live classes and we are happy to have you.  Parents and moderators must follow the same rules of conduct.

Safe Commenting

We have a robust commenting system for kids to talk to each other, share what they are doing, upload pictures, and more! 

The kids cannot privately message each other.  All comments are public.  Plus, all these comments are moderated before posting and we’ll ask kids to redo comments if they give identifying information, contain inappropriate content, etc.

You can request to have any of your kids comments deleted at any time.

Deleting Information

You can request information to be deleted at ANY TIME that is related to your kids. 

Who Has Access to Your Info?

Isaac Ashby

Yuppers, he likes tacos.  He is also the guy teaching our live video classes and developing the lessons. 

Although trained in Widlife Science, he has worked as a substitute teacher and still works with kids regularly through STEAM Thinkers and the local STEAM hub through Umpqua Community College.

He will have direct contact with the kids but as a father of 5 he knows how to handle them!  He is one of the website administrators and moderators so has access to any information we collect.

Stephanie Ashby

Lover of all nerdy jokes, wife to that taco guy, and mother of 5. 

Stephanie is trained in Environmental Chemistry but currently works with the local STEAM hub through Umpqua Community College and for STEAM Thinkers.

She is the behind the scenes muscle of our site. She is will have direct contact with the kids through comments and the live chat.  She is also a website administrator and moderator so has access to any information we collect.

Alexa Munsee

Alexa is our all around amazing virtual assistant!  Our team wouldn’t work as smoothly without her. Her accomplishments are extra impressive for having 2 littles at home.  We all know moms get the job done!

With a degree in Digital Communications and Writing, she is well versed with the world online and the need for internet safety. She is a website administrator and moderator so she has access to information we collect.  We trust Alexa completely and do have a formal background check completed and on file with us.

That’s it!  No one else has access to back end information on the site.  Live chats are saved through a 3rd party site, Helpcrunch, anything else that would collect information is housed on site.

Is that enough technical stuff for you?  How about a joke?

I would tell you a chemistry joke, but all the good ones argon!

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