Who Stole the Cake? – Printables

Just what you needed – all the lesson printables in one place!

Below are listed all the printables for Who Stole the Cake – Unit 2.  You can find them scattered throughout the unit but this way you can quick click and print whatever you need.

Full Lessons

Powder Mystery – comparative analysis using common kitchen powders

Color Climb – chromatography lesson using markers and leaves

What’s in a Print? – lesson about why do we have fingerprints and practice taking and comparing prints


Powder Analysis Sheet – experiment sheet for the Powder Mystery lesson

Color Analysis Sheet – experiment sheet for the Color Climb chromatography lesson

Fingerprinting Sheet – fingerprint features reference sheets and fingerprinting sheets


Who Stole the Cake? – full activity

Mystery Sheets – Science Detective sheet and Suspect cards for the Who Stole the Cake activity

Cypher Wheel – mystery code cypher wheel with math decoding pages

Coloring page

The vinegar + baking soda acid base reaction.  Click to download.

acid base coloring

This activity is part of Who Stole the Cake?[Unit ].  Jump over to the unit main page to see all lessons and activities.

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